The Yoga of Tax


I’m sure it’s not as bad as it looks………….

Today’s mission: Complete Your Tax Return. Thrilling stuff eh? I’m going to be totally honest here, I avoid doing my tax like the plague. And I REALLY don’t know why. It’s not hard, I have my MYOB all set up, all I have to do is find the receipts and type a few details in, and voila! The tax is done. But I will come up with any excuse to avoid it (blogging, anyone?).

And this might be surprising to you, considering my vocation, but I do this with my yoga practice sometimes too. I’m too tired, it’s boring (well, sometimes it is!), my knee hurts, it’s too far to go to class. I can create so many stories around why my butt should be on the couch and not on the mat. And then when I finally kick that butt off the couch and get on my mat, or pull my finger out and DO my tax, I feel so much better. My body feels more free, my mind is more clear, my inbox is empty, my finances are ordered, though sometimes I have to face the fact that the bank balance isn’t as healthy as I would like, or that advanced pose I’m working on might actually be a little harder today than it was yesterday.

When I was training to teach postnatal yoga I learnt about a very valuable style of practice: snack yoga. When you have a little baby, chances are you’re not going to get 1 hour to do your practice every day. So you break it up into snacks, 5 mins here, 5 minutes there, doing what you can when you can. I’m going to start doing snack tax, receipts inputted every day, invoices straight into MYOB when they’re emailed. This is my resolve, and you are all going to hold me to it, right?

Today my yoga practice IS my tax. I’m putting on some mantra music (oh yeah, sing it Krishna Das!), and paying each receipt the same attention I would pay my asana practice. Sure there’ll be times I want to give up, go have a coffee and say, ‘tomorrow I’ll finish’, but today is the day.

Here’s your homework. What are you putting off until tomorrow? Can you break that task up into snacks, or do you need to turn off your phone for just one day and get it done. Meditate on how amazing you will feel when it’s finished. I promise it will be so much easier than you think, just keep going til you get there.

A x