My Big Hairy Audacious Goals for 2013

I watched a show on TV last night, Derren Brown’s ‘Apocalypse’. Mr Brown is a hypnotist who takes on the task of creating an end of world experience for one lazy, unappreciative Brit, in the hope that the loss he feels for his friends, family and opportunities will help him to realise how valuable this life is. In the opening sequence he asks ‘If the world were to end today would you be happy with the life you’ve lived, or did you just watch it pass you by?’

Inspired by my friend, I’ve decided to post my goals for 2013, month-by-month:

January – I finish reading Atlas Shrugged

February – I complete mine and Aaron’s tax returns

March – I become the new QLD lululemon community connector

April – I refinance our debts, to 2 credit cards and a standard variable home loan

May РI start the application process to study biomechanics and functional anatomy at university

June – I attend the Landmark Forum

July – I plant my veggie patch

August – I plan an amazing hen’s night for Lauren

September – I do Reiki level 1 training

October – I am harvesting my first veggies and cooking dinner 5 nights per week.

November – I can drop back into urdhva dhanurasana and am beginning to work on coming back up.

December РI host a traditional Christmas dinner in our new home. 

What does 2013 have in store for you?