Raw Food Revolution

Raw food is everywhere these days. It can be as simple as a handful of nuts or as complex as a delicately layered raw vegan lasagne. My favourite discovery has to be the ice cream sandwich, cacao, cashew and coconut bliss. One thing I’ve noticed since adding a few raw treats to my day is that I’m feeling more inflated, bouncier, fresher. That’s not to say I’m not still partial to the occasional Macca’s breakfast (I KNOW alright, it’s just their Saus-Egg McMuffins are purely irresistible. I’m pretty sure they will remain in my diet for some time to come).

My green smoothie – bananas, strawberries, dates, silverbeet. Stunningly tasty.

My favourite site of the moment is ShineOnRaw.com, check our chef Rebecca Kane’s great easy tips for starting your raw food revolution.