Elevating the world with Yoga Aid

Can you remember why you first started practicing yoga? Trying to touch your toes perhaps? Wanted a cute butt to put in those stretchy lululemon pants? Maybe your mind was racing a million miles an hour and you just needed to slow down. All in all though, you started your yoga practice for you, right? I sure did, depressed, anxious, unmotivated and tired, I needed something for me, to nurture and nourish my spirit. I got that and a whole lot more, and along the way I learned about karma yoga. Karma yoga is the yoga of action, without attachment to the outcome. Ultimately what that means is that we act for the good of all beings, without defining our worth based on how perceivably successful or unsuccessful our action is. One way to bring this concept to our yoga practice is to dedicate our efforts to someone who needs a yoga practice, but is unable to come to the mat for one reason or another.

This year I will be leading a section of the Yoga Aid Challenge, here in Brisbane’s Roma Street Parklands on Saturday, the 12th of November. The challenge raises funds to support a number of charities, mine is the Nelune Foundation supporting public health system cancer patients, bringing them emotional, psychological and physical support. At this event hundreds of yogis come together to dedicate their practice to something bigger than themselves, to offer the beauty of their practice to inspire and support others.

Register for the Yoga Aid Challenge here: www.yogaaid.com. Remember to join the Ten Toes Yoga & Natural Health team!

If you are unable to join us please support the Ten Toes Yoga & Natural Health team, our goal is to raise $1000. You can sponsor us by clicking here: http://yogaaid.com/alisonsykes


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