Shorts, sun, salutations…….oh yes it’s Spring!!!!

Spring is here!!!!!! Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa! Friends of mine know it’s no secret, I am definitely solar powered and my energy levels go through the roof once those short shorts are wearable again. Every spring I am reminded of a story my teacher Julie shared at one of the first classes of hers I attended. I’m going to do my best to recount it to you here, so sorry if I embellish anything Julie!

I was flying into Sydney and I noticed all these beautiful purple flowers on the trees. I asked my husband what they were (Julie is American) and he told me they were Jacarandas. All winter they had been these barren bare grey sticks, and all of a sudden, one day, boom! Purple magnificence. It occurred to me that these trees had spent the winter waiting for this moment, when the sun’s warm rays signal that it’s time to bloom. Everything comes from darkness. Babies wait in their mother’s womb for the moment of birth, tiny seeds huddle in the ground waiting to sprout and stretch for the sky. In the practice of Anusara yoga we call this “Root to Rise” (never translates well in Oz, but get over your sniggering guys, you know what she means). The strength of your foundation informs the freedom of your ability to stretch, grow, reach and expand. When you trust Earth, she gives you the stability to experience your freedom at its fullest. 

Admittedly Jacarandas tend to bloom in November, but the principle always rings true for me when the world explodes with enthusiasm, transforming from a period of introspection.

So that’s it in a nutshell, paraphrased to the best of my ability. Julie’s teaching has helped me to tune into the flow, the rhythm of nature, to realise that winter isn’t bad, it’s just winter. Darkness is just as important as light, it helps us to develop the strength we need to share our radiance with the world in all its glory.

Find out more about Julie’s classes here:

Brisbane's Jacaranda Trees

The beautiful purple flowers that inspired my teacher Julie


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